Ashlea & Luke - Wedding Photography at Whirlowbrook Hall, Sheffield

Our latest wedding was definitely not one we'll forget in a hurry. Ashlea & Luke's day literally saw all four seasons rolled into one!

So let's talk about the snow, in April! Not just 'oh look it's snowing in April; bit weird'. We're talking full on winter wonderland! So good that we went out with Ashlea & Luke 3 times as it got heavier and heavier!

The weather was the talk of the day throughout proceedings; snow was forecast in the morning, but we managed to see glorious sunshine for most of the day! We witnessed a lovely ceremony (although the registrar nearly married Ashlea to the best man instead!), and the weather held up enough to get some group shots done outside. We walked with the happy couple around the lovely grounds at Whirlowbrook Hall - so much variety for photographs. We even got the bridesmaids and groomsmen in on the act!

It was later on when the rain came, and Ashlea & Luke wanted to get outside with their umbrella for a few unique shots. 10 minutes later the snow began; so obviously we ventured out again for the once in a lifetime opportunity! 20 more minutes later and the weather had got worse and worse (or better and better). By the end I don't know who was dragging who out, but we were all out again playing in the snow!

The crazy weather had just about cleared by the time we saw Ashlea & Luke have their first dance, after which we went home safe in the knowledge of bagging some very unique photographs.

We really appreciate Ashlea & Luke being such good sports, and wanting to get out into the elements. A big thankyou to them for having us on their special day - one we'll never forget, and unlikely to see the likes of again!

Here's a selection of images from their day (clicking an image opens it full-size)


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