Here's some basic information regarding our services... If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact us directly, and we'll be more than happy to help



How do we go about booking you for our wedding?


If you like what you see and would like to discuss what we can do for your wedding, please contact us by email (info@walkerjonesphotography.co.uk). We can arrange a meeting with you to discuss everything, and get to know you a little. If you decide that we're the right photographers for your special day, we have a simple booking form for you to fill in; then a £200 deposit will secure your booking.




How do we pay you?


Payment is easiest via a bank balance transfer, but we can also accept cash or cheques. After the deposit, we require the remainder of the payment any time before your wedding date - you can pay this as one lump sum, or in smaller installments if you wish.




How far will you travel for a wedding?


We are based in Rotherham / Sheffield in South Yorkshire, but are happy to travel to wherever your wedding may be taking place. We've covered weddings from North Yorkshire, all the way down to the Cotswolds!

Prices we quote you are all inclusive; which depending on the location of the wedding, and the amount of time you require us to be there, may include allowances for travel and accomodation.




Will you travel abroad for a wedding?


Yes, depending on availabilty we love to travel to new and unique places for our photography. Between us we have had weddings booked in Mexico, Turkey & Italy. We would ask for travel and accomodation arrangements.




Why do we need two photographers?


We believe that we can do much more justice to your wedding day with two photographers, rather than one. We will be able to capture as much of your day as possible, and cover vital parts of your day from two different viewpoints and angles. It also ensures we can capture morning preparation of the bride AND groom if required.




Are you insured?


Yes. We have full equipment, public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Some venues require such insurance, so we are happy to provide certificates if required.




Will you take 'formal' group photographs?


Yes. Whilst we prefer to approach your wedding in a photojournalistic way and capture the natural moments, we are happy to take any group shots that are required with family/friends.

All we ask is a list of such photographs that are required, which we can work through on the day.

Please also consider this in the planning of your day. Depending on the amount of 'formals' that you want, this can take an hour or more to organise and arrange everyone. We generally would say accomodate enough time for around 3 minutes per 'formal' photograph, and the majority of people have no more than 10.




Do we need to provide food for our photographers?


If we are to be photographing a full wedding day, we would appreciate being provided with a meal. A typical 'full day' means we will be working at your wedding for over 10 hours, which is too long for us to work on empty stomachs!




How will we receive the photographs?


All our packages include high resolution digital copies of your images on a USB drive, edited in our own signature style. If a photo book is in your package, we will give you time to enjoy your images before we can collaborate with yourselves for your book design.




Do we get all the photographs that you take?


Kind of. It's normal to take in excess of 3000 images during a wedding day. Often this is simply to eliminate any captures of blinking, or unexpected weird faces (nobody wants to see those!) Also, nobody needs 5 pictures of the same group shot taken within 1 second of each other - trust us, it gets boring after hours of showing your friends and family!

We have a selection process to dispose of these types of images, but you will receive all of the images we process. We don't hold any back from you (other than the previously mentioned 'outtakes').

Typically, for a full wedding day, you will receive around 500-600 photographs. We like to provide a succint visual story of your day.




Do we have permission to print and share our photographs?


Yes. While we will still hold the copyright to your images (this just means you can't use them for commercial reasons), you will have permission to get these printed at any printing service. We place a file on your USB drive stating that you have this permission, which you can present to a printing company if they request it. The USB drive will contain high resolution jpg files, which you are free to print, share with friends and post online (Facebook, Instagram etc).




Do we have to have a photo book of our wedding day?


You can opt to choose our 'Digital Package' without a photobook or other products, and literally just receive your files digitally.


We love digital photography, and the flexibility that it provides, with so many devices to view and share them. However, there is nothing quite like having them printed physically and sharing them with friends and family. Our photo books are a beautiful way of displaying your photographs. We love putting books together for people, and would highly recommend that you take the option.




How long after the wedding do we get to see our photographs?


Once we have finished at your wedding, we get home, upload and backup the raw files ready for the digital processing. This is quite a labour intensive, complex process to get the best out of your images, and is so much more than just copying them to a usb drive and sending them off. 

We usually aim to get your photos sent out to you within 10 weeks of your wedding. If you are having one of our books, this usually takes a few weeks to recieve the product from our supplier after we've ordered. We will keep you updated on the progress.

We realise this is sometimes too exciting to wait this long! Therefore we always process a selection of your photographs within a few days, and provide you with one of our unique mobile albums. We will upload a few of your images to our Facebook Page and Instagram account, as well as blogging about your wedding here on our website. This gives you a preview of the photographs - we love to see the reaction from friends and family on social media.

If you don't wish us to share you images on social media, for whatever reason, just let us know and we will be respectful of your request.




Do you airbrush/'Photoshop'


We love the natural look to our photographs, in terms of content and style. We may subtly enhance some of your portraits, to give them some 'pop', but believe that the natural beauty of our couples should show through.


Obviously people want their wedding photographs to be them looking at their best, which is completely understandable. But at what point does extensive airbrushing and enhancement stop showing the 'real' you? We believe these tools create an obvious 'fake' feel to them, which is something we are not comfortable with.


We process all of our images using Adobe Lightroom. With this, we usually edit the subtle aspects of lighting, exposure and cropping, in keeping with our signature style. A lot of love and work goes into editing each and every image that we provide you, we just prefer these to have a natural, rather than a fake, processed look.




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